Hotel access control

Access control system

We supply, install and support the Access Control System – a wire free electronic locking system offering pre-programmed cards (these replace the traditional door locks) for room access. Hotels tell us they find this a much more efficient and cost effective access control system.

We ask the guest how he or she wants to receive the room key, and just the ability to offer this choice creates a lot of interest. And because there clearly is a guest segment that really values new technologies, we knew that our hotel had to be a pioneer in this area.

  • Provide a value-added experience for guests with Mobile Key technology that allows guests to use their smartphone as their room key.
  • Enhance productivity and management with instant re-rooming, group check-in, and extended stay functionalities.
  • Optimize the flexible use of hotel resources such as seminar and gala rooms, pool and spa/wellness areas, golf and other sport facilities and parking areas that easily permits the individual programming of specific installations.
  • Provide a more comfortable stay for guests with the Privacy mode option that shows in real-time if a guest is in the room.
  • Offer a choice of credentials to guests: from the Mobile Key smartphone app option to wide range of robust and waterproof cards, fobs, and bracelets which are compatible with the latest ID technologies.