Connected Hotel and Hospitality

Increase Guest Loyalty, Deliver Customized Services and Optimize Operations

Cisco Connected Hotel & Hospitality solutions deliver sophisticated services that differentiate your brand and create a personalized experience for each guest. This comprehensive suite of solutions helps hotel owners and operators:

  • Support the newest mobile applications and wireless services
  • Improve operational efficiency by reducing expenses, such as energy costs
  • Generate new revenue streams through next-generation technologies
The differentiator

In the hospitality industry, service will always be the differentiator. But guest expectations for hotel services have already moved beyond maid, room, and valet. Tomorrow’s leading hotels will offer more to their guests and get more from their properties. More services, productivity, guest loyalty and ultimately, more profits.

Hotels must address a highly competitive environment, declining customer loyalty, and guests with technology needs that surpass the capabilities of many of today’s proper-ties: needs such as videoconferencing, integrated messaging, and high-speed wireless access throughout the hotel. Differentiation is no longer in the décor, but in the access a hotel can offer. Today’s travelers want to extend their work and home capabilities into the travel environment, demanding full access to leading technology during their visit, as well as a comfortable room.


In addition, hotels are under pressure to get more out of their properties. Increasing revenues per available room is a constant requirement to maintain profitability. Staff productivity must improve to deliver better services with existing resources. Employee turnover is a constant problem that needs to be managed. Guest safety and security are primary concerns, requiring better surveillance and monitoring. And operational costs must be controlled. However, adding new amenities and services to support these goals can erode profitability, and these services must be deployed efficiently.