Passion for quality

The Data Over Coax Gateway can transmit IP data over coaxial cable facilities and coexistence of TV or other existing services. Also includes a WiFi interface 802.11bgn wireless connections.


CoaxData system

The CoaxData system is a Coaxial – Ethernet Router – WiFi for connecting multiple PCs immediately on coaxial or power supply to your home, hotel or buildings without extra cables, or hubs, or Ethernet Switches.

Transfer up to 700 Mbps and 500 Mbps over coax on PLC for triple play applications such as VoIP telephony , Internet TV, video on demand, shared Internet access. Quality of Service (QoS) for classifying the data and set priorities for multiple services. Allows up to 253 slaves for distributing shared data services. Secure and private by encrypting Data. High coverage that supports high attenuation > 85dB and a distance of 1.2 Km via coaxial cable.

The CoaxData system enables the use of coaxial, PLC or fibre optics networks to distribute Internet services to a certain number of points, providing a non-invasive distribution system that preserves the quality of the transmission.


CoaxData Home WiFi

CoaxData Home WiFi transforms the data signal distributed by the coaxial system in a wireless signal through an Ethernet interface gateway or “Low Power WiFi”. Also it can be configured as a router and/ or Access Point.


  • Low Power WiFi. The low power signal mode (3dBm) can be activated/deactivated using the frontal switch.
  • Guaranteed coverage even with high coaxial attenuation (>85 dB).
  • Data transference up to 700Mbps coaxial and 500Mbps over PLC.
  • Avoid entering passwords using the WPS functionality (available through a press key on the front panel).