It’s easy to get started working with DemoPad regardless of how much experience you have working with control systems. Through our training courses and support services, integrators at all levels will be able to confidently specify and install seamless control and automation systems into any building environment. During the one day training course a DemoPad partner will learn how to navigate the software program, design a unique user interface and integrate 3rd party control drivers. Further advanced courses and specification and programming services are also available, providing support for an installation partner at every stage of the DemoPad experience.


The CENTRO 8 is a powerful automation processor enabling an integration partner the ability to create a completely customised touchscreen control system. Utilising advanced embedded software, and programmable using DemoPad Professional Software, the CENTRO 8 processor can become the heartbeat of any complex installation. The CENTRO 8 processor incorporates an array of connectivity ports for the integration of IR, RS-232, Contact Closures, VF Relays, HDMI, USB, Audio, and LAN. DemoPad software projects can be seamlessly paired with the CENTRO 8 to deliver the ultimate integration tool for professionals committed to delivering world class control solutions.