What is DOCSIS?

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Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) is an international telecommunications standard that permits the addition of high-bandwidth data transfer to an existing cable TV (CATV) system. It is employed by many cable television operators to provide Internet access over their existing hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) infrastructure.

Ethernet over Coax products

Ethernet over Coax (EoC) technology offers an attractive option for building professional, standard-based and next generation IP networks. It enables operators to bring gigabit broadband connections to consumers by utilizing the existing coaxial cabling that also carries the free-to-air and CATV signals around the building.

DOCSIS Access Hub (DAH)

The DAH will extend your IP network over the existing coaxial cabling used in the infrastructure of the establishment. It enables high-speed broadband connections to your customers with considerably low costs and without installing new cabling.

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HDTV and High-Speed Internet Access to guest rooms over your existing COAX Infrastructure.



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In-room entertainment offers a great opportunity for the hotels to increase customer loyalty and revenue by providing personalized content and an entertainment experience. There is also great revenue potential in delivering HDTV, video-on-demand and gaming, local video content for events, seminars and hotel services as well as booking extra services directly to guest rooms.

Easy-to-install & cost effective solution

The traditional broadcast television signal is received either from an antenna (aerial), satellite or cable. So, no matter how the television signal is received most buildings are already wired with coax cables for the transmission of television signal inside the building. Creating broadband connections for high speed Internet access to an older infrastructure interferes with everyday operations due to usually required costly re-cabling of the premises; the main cost comes from building the connections to individual hotel rooms.

Teleste can add high speed internet to your existing cable network for an affordable cost.TV channels and data are provided to the guest rooms on the same, already existing coaxial cable. The renowned reliability of our products deliver a worry-free operation and ensures an uninterrupted service. This solution is based on the Teleste Docsis Access Hub (DAH).

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DOCSIS Access Hub (DAH)

The Teleste DOCSIS Access Hub introduces broadband over coax to the hotel by bridging the existing in-house TV cabling to Internet. A cable modem is simply connected to the existing coaxial cable. DAH is a dynamic and economical method which will bring high-speed internet to every room and upgrade the network capacity for IPTV (internet protocol television), and other on demand online video services.

The use of the coaxial cable for in-room broadband access ensures that there are high streaming bit rates and error free transmission necessary for video and on IPTV service without the need for new cabling. Guests will be able to enjoy a rich media experience on both their own devices and the in room entertainment.

All-in-one IPTV solution for the hospitality


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 The solution provides a simple way of bringing IP video and interactive services to guest rooms with minimal investments

IPTV and interactive services to enhance guest experience

Today’s hotel guests expect connectivity and personalized entertainment experiences comparable to those they enjoy at home. Services that enable guests to easily stay in touch with their social and professional networks are among the key requirements when choosing a hotel.

In partnership with Samsung, Teleste has developed a solution that enhances to Internet connectivity while enhancing the guest experience. The solution provides high-speed Internet to each guest room and allows guests to use applications and various interactive services on their in-room smart TVs as they would at home. In addition, the solution enables guests to connect their own personal smartphones and tablets to the Internet through the smart television’s wireless access point.

High-speed Internet access and IPTV without adding new cables

Since many global hotels already feature coaxial wiring, Teleste’s new technology leverages this existing cabling to provide high-speed Internet access and IPTV services. Teleste’s DAH100 extends the IP network to more than 250 guest rooms simultaneously over the existing in-house coaxial cabling. Within each room, an Internet access point is provided via the embedded cable modem in the Samsung DOCSIS HE694 HTV television set. By consolidating IP-based services into the existing coaxial network rather than implementing new cabling, hotel operators can reduce connectivity expenses by up to 80 percent.

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An all-in-one solution for the hospitality sector

Together, Teleste’s DAH100 and the Samsung DOCSIS HE694 HTV create a ready-to-go IP delivery solution that is ideal for the hospitality sector:

  • Fast and cost-efficient installation: Utilizing the existing coaxial cabling inside the premises, the solution can be installed without major room renovations. All that is needed is to install the DAH100 at the premises and Samsung DOCSIS HE694 HTV television sets in the guest rooms.
  • Reduced operating costs and improved service availability: Since the solution does not require any additional hardware purchases, it removes the need for separate cable modems and wireless access points. With these built into the TV, only one device is needed in each guest room. The reduced number of devices results in improved service availability and lower operational costs while minimizing compatibility issues and the need for maintenance and repair.
  • More guest room design flexibility: Providing cutting-edge services with less equipment creates more freedom in guest room design. This mix of luxury design and quality services will delight guests by enabling a comfortable and distinct experience.