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Hotel Guest Internet Systems

Internet is now expected by guests as another hotel utility – just like the towels and the air-conditioning.

In reality many hotels often struggle to obtain and afford sufficient bandwidth to provide access for all the applications guests want to use, such as streaming services. We offer hotels a range of internet options depending on the bandwidth available in their area and their budget. We also provide as an official WISP advanced solutions in order to increase vertically bandwidth availability.

Impressive uptime and usability

These include options to charge for internet, or not to charge, as local market forces dictate. Our system is totally flexible with voucher, PMS and credit card or free access solutions.

Responsive support

Unlike some IT providers, we provide support to hotels whenever their Wi-Fi needs it (including evenings and weekends). This means you can be assured of minimum disruption and downtime to your Wi-Fi’s performance. In fact, over 400 hotels rely on our Wi-Fi and guest internet systems to enhance the guest experience in their premises.

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