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The Vantage automation solution offers a complete home automation and control system providing full control of lighting, blinds, AV equipment, Heating, air conditioning as well as security and access control. Unlike other brands, Vantage offers a complete system solution and isn’t dependent on additional third party products for lighting, AV etc.

All programming and configuration is done using the innovative Design center software. This enables installers to design a system, produce the bill of materials, and program all elements from one piece of software. This also means that only one file is produced and any support requirement is simplified.

The Vantage software contains libraries of pre written modules and third party drivers* that enable installers to reduce programming time by up to 50%. These include RS 232, IR and IP control protocols. Installers are also able to write their own drivers if required. The reduction in programming time enables installers to increase productivity which leads to increased profits. (*Drivers available include the Purelink PM series HDMI Matrixes.)


Teleste HAV in partnership with Legrand are stocking and supporting the full range of the Vantage Home Automation system.

The conditional programming of Vantage and large variety of sensors (including presence, rain, light, heat, and wind) allow systems to be as control based or as automated as is desired for each deployment.

Control is provided by keypads, touch screens and the latest Equinox wall mounted app based touchscreen devices. The keypads and touch screens are available in a range of face plate and button finishes.

As is requested by most clients the Vantage system can also be Controlled using IPod, iPad, and iPhone, with the Design Centre software producing the screen layouts for these devices. The Vantage tablet applications allow all control and functionality and feedback available within the Vantage system to be available on a customer’s tablet.

  • Fully featured High end Automation and control system.
  • Control of Lighting, heating/environmental systems, blinds, curtains and AV equipment.
  • Simplified programming using libraries of pre written modules and third party drivers.
  • Up to 50% reduction in programming time resulting in increased profits for installers.
  • Unique Design Centre software producing system design, BOM, and system programming in one file.
  • Control by iPad, iPhone, and iPod as well as dedicated touch screens.
  • New stylish Equinox control key pads.
  • Fully customisable key pads with local IR and contact closure input/output with range of finishes.
  • Dedicated centrally based Fusion controller with Multi-tasking capability.
  • Multi.Room audio system with music jukebox.

Arteor is a stylish whole home control system that gives users the facility to control their home from wherever they are. The system can integrate the control of lighting, heating, blinds, climate, audio, door entry and can also provide energy management information. All of the controlled services and be easily included in the ARTEOR living scenarios allowing multiple environmental changes to occur at the push of a single button.The ARTEOR control system is simple to program and can be controlled by its stylish switches and touchscreens, smartphones and tablets, and any third party control application that can be programmed to output an IP command. There are several applications on both the Apple-App-store and the Google Play Store designed to work directly with ARTEOR, or third party applications like DemoPad that give AV control and have ARTEOR drivers.

This innovative solution can be used as a stand-alone whole home control system or it can be a useful addition to existing audio visual integrators and utilising the open source programming language can be controlled using your existing control systems.


Simply Stylish Home Automation

This innovative solution can be used as a stand-alone whole home control system or it can be a useful addition to existing audio visual integrators and utilising the open source programming language can be controlled using your existing control systems.

The timeless design of Arteor features hi-tech characteristics that are easy to understand. Its carefully crafted design is inspired by the most modern technological devices, such as flat screen TVs and digital photo frames, creating the impression that the product is floating on the wall.

Arteor benefits from being a one stop full home control system without relying on other manufacturer’s equipment. This helps to lower overall costs and enables this extremely high quality system to remain competitively priced.

All Arteor products are designed and manufactured for the European market and have full UK based support.


Bticino door entry systems can accommodate any type of project – they’re easy to install whether you’re working on a single house or an entire group of apartments. The ability to use existing cables also makes Bticino door entry systems the ideal solution for refurbishment projects. Bticino door entry systems represent the best in Italian design and innovation.


Multiple possibilities… just 2 wires

Exceptional audio and video performance and fast, simple installation can be achieved with two wire plug and play technology. Combine the simplicity of Bticino’s two wire technology with its sleek range of entrance panels, internal hands free units and handsets for a stylish finish to your installation.

Two wire technology allows you to easily extend beyond a simple door entry system to offering home automation solutions to your client. Working on the same backbone, Legrand’s smart home systems are simple to install and are capable of simultaneously controlling lighting, heating, blinds and even multimedia distribution.

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