Today, carriers need to provide fast time-to-market broadband access to a wider consumer audience, for increasing customer base and revenue in the most cost-effective manner.

OmniMAX™ constitutes an innovative WiMAX Base Station solution designed to deliver compelling wireless broadband services to residential and business subscribers – fixed / nomadic / portable / mobile – located indoor and outdoor.

Meeting the ever-increasing demand for high-speed access, OmniMAX™ fulfills the WiMAX vision for toll-quality voice and carrier-grade broadband services, while enhancing the end-user experience.

OmniMAX™ is WiMAX Forum certified and has embraced from the very beginning the idea of open IP architecture to increase the flexibility in new services and applications development. OmniMAX™ offers operators the choice of a rich ecosystem, assured through a committed and reliable interoperability (IOT) program in CPE, ASN and CSN level. Furthermore, INTRACOM TELECOM offers the professional services required for deploying an efficient end-to-end WiMAX network.

OmniMAX™ serves subscribers that may otherwise have difficulty to access new services with current technology. Thus, it can operate in varying environments – urban, suburban and rural – effectively addressing the user requirements for reliable and affordable broadband services.

Its low cost combined with its flexibility and high performance features, makes OmniMAX™ an attractive alternative for operators needing to reduce their CapEx and deploy their networks with minimal investment risks.

OmniMAX™ is seamlessly integrated with INTRACOM TELECOM’s state-of-the-art product lines for Ethernet and multi-service backhaul, namely the WiBAS™ (PtMP) and INTRALINK™ / OmniBAS™ (PtP), thus establishing a one-stop-shop framework for an end-to-end wireless access solution.


  • Leading IDU size and sector density.
  • Highly-efficient system.
  • Flexible & scalable ecosystem.

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