The INTRALINK™ product family of Point-to-Point MW radios – from 6 GHz to 38 GHz – delivers reliable wireless connections as required by the demanding backhaul and private network applications.

The products are using advanced radio technology transporting native TDM and native Ethernet traffic, allowing for a cost-effective backhaul of 2G / 3G & 4G networks.

The INTRALINK™ rich-feature and future-proof platform meets the operators’ most stringent demands by offering unparalleled configuration flexibility to support complex network architectures. With the ability to handle any TDM & Ethernet traffic mix, INTRALINK™ enables wireless carriers to implement PDH / Super PDH / SDH and pure Ethernet access and aggregation networks.


  • Hybrid technology – effective transport of TDM traffic today and instant migration to Ethernet tomorrow.
  • Pay-as-you-grow, scalable architecture – granular capacity management.
  • Straightforward modular design (ISR), with hot-swappable modules, for:
    • Carrier-class reliability
    • Fast deployment & upgrade
  • Spectrum utilization – the available air bandwidth is efficiently used to transport a configurable mix of native TDM and native Ethernet traffic simultaneously.
  • High performance – assured reliability and always-available capacity, assisted by leading technologies, and offering:
    • Reliability through self-healing redundancy.
    • Network scalability without service interruption.
    • Minimum network maintenance.

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