Teleste Luminato

Digital headend platform

What is Luminato?
  • The Luminato is a digital IPTV headend, which takes in multiple signals from satellite, cable and local IPTV sources.
  • It descrambles encrypted content and redistributes it either in the clear, or rescrambles it.
  • A custom lineup of individual TV channels is created via the drag and drop web GUI, so that only the required channels are distributed over RF and IPTV.
  • EPG data is collected locally or from external sources, then sent with the distributed channels, to populate the EPG and the now/next guide on each screen.
  • Everything fits in a low power 1U rack unit, significantly reducing the power, heat and space requirement of a pile of set top boxes.
  • A single fully equipped Luminato unit can deliver over 100 TV channels while consuming less than 100 watts of power!
  • With custom modules the user can build a Luminato that exactly matches their input and output requirements.
LYNK® & Luminato
  • The Luminato works with both forms of hospitality content management solution
  • Provide a 7 day now and next electronic program guide
  • Add EPG data to an IPTV system
  • Can get EPG data from a broadcast
    stream, Internet of local source
  • No external EPG broker service is
    required, so running costs are reduced.
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