Headend in a box

Teleste Luminato digital headend platform is designed for live content processing. It receives the content from various sources and descrambles and re-organises this content into operators’ network for either CATV, OTT and/or IPTV delivery. It is trusted by cable TV operators and Telco’s of varying sizes and feature demands. One thing is common though; they all appreciate its unparallel reliability and ease of use.

IP and DVB headend in 1 RU

Teleste Luminato headend is widely adopted by operators providing video solutions to hospitality market. It supports seamless integration to any IP centric system in the industry’s most compact form factor, minimizing both space and power consumption.

Due to its modular structure, Luminato can combine inclusive selection of receivers, IP streaming, EPG service, COFDM and QAM modulation in one single chassis enabling most efficient service delivery – an IP and DVB headend in 1 RU chassis.

Cost-effective high speed internet

With the growing popularity of OTT video services and high definition video formats, significantly higher broadband bandwidth is needed in the future. Fibre to the Home would provide sufficient speeds, but bringing fibre connections into a building is often far too expensive.

Teleste’s Data over Coax (DoC) solution provides a versatile and cost-efficient alternative for bringing high-speed broadband connections to customers by using existing coaxial cabling – for a fraction of the cost compared to FttH.

Luminato Multireceiver

Teleste Luminato quad multi-standard receiver enables flexible selection of free-to-air and scrambled services via DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-S2X, DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-C, ISDB-T, ITU-T J.83 A/B/C and IP interfaces.

Services can be adjusted to match the operator’s service line-up with built-in advanced transport stream processing capabilities.