Lynk HMS

What is LYNK HMS

LYNK HMS (Hospitality Management Solution) transforms in-room hotel televisions into a control and management hub, combining critical capabilities into a single solution. This integrated solution enables hotels to operate more efficiently and provide differentiated services to their guests through four core services. These services include Room Management Solution (RMS), Energy Management Solution (EMS), In-Room Control (IRC) Service and Content Management Solution (CMS).

  • Streamline workflow with real-time monitoring and a compatible mobile application
  • Increase management efficiency and reduce energy costs through sensor-based control
  • Maximize guest comfort through streamlined device control accessibility
  • Elevate guest experience through a two-way, IP-based content management solution

Core Services

RMS (Room Management Solution)

Automate staff workflow and unlock guest responsiveness with a room management solution

RMS is a comprehensive management tool that is complete with a mobile app. Hotel staff can conduct real-time monitoring to check room device status, temperature and security. Staff also can perform energy utilization analysis and optimize energy settings. The RMS mobile app automates processes to accelerate staff workflow and stimulate guest responsiveness.

Real-time monitoring

Energy utilization analysis

Mobile application

EMS (Energy Management Solution)

Reduce energy costs and drive operational efficiency with an energy management solution

Hotel staff can pre-set room temperatures based on current weather patterns and room position within the hotel. Sensors located in each room monitor room occupancy and adjust heat and air settings accordingly. Through EMS, hotels can optimize in-room energy settings to reduce overall consumption while still delivering unparalleled comfort.

Pre-setting function

Sensor-based control

IRC (In-Room Control Service)

Empowers guests with intuitive UI to create an optimum environment with an in-room control solution

IRC service allows guests to control various aspects of their in-room environment. Guests can adjust room settings through a user-friendly interface and request for privacy through do-not-disturb/make-up-room (DND/MUR) functionality. Additionally, users can save their preferred conditions and quickly activate them with a simple push of a button.

Intuitive UI

DND/MUR function

Quick mode

CMS (Content Management Solution)

Design and deliver custom content for an enhanced guest experience with content management solution

Embedded within LYNK HMS, LYNK SINC 3.0 enables hotels to create content without having to purchase additional external tools. Through the use of CMS, hotels can remotely program hospitality displays to showcase personalized and customized contents. A two-way user interface grants guests convenient access to their favorite web-based apps and social media.

Customized content

Bi-directional UI

Access to apps

System Configuration

Samsung’s all-in-one LYNK HMS elevates in-room televisions into a gateway connecting guest room devices with the HMS server, the hotel’s existing property management system (PMS) and LYNK HMS’ embedded mobile application for the room management solution (RMS). This seamless integration of resources, achieved through standard wireless protocol, allows hotels to control the personalization of light, shade, temperature, door signage, content and motion detection settings to suit guest needs.