MikroTik HotSpot Gateway

The MikroTik HotSpot Gateway provides authentication for clients before access to public networks

HotSpot Gateway features:
  • different authentication methods of clients using local client database on the router, or remote RADIUS server.
  • users accounting in local database on the router, or on remote RADIUS server.
  • walled-garden system, access to some web pages without authorization.
  • login page modification, where you can put information about the company.
  • automatic and transparent change any IP address of a client to a valid address.
HotSpot Gateway

Enables easy user authentication and accounting in public, private, wired or wireless networks. HotSpot technology allows Internet providers to offer Internet access to customers, while applying certain Internet use rules and limitations. It is very convenient for Internet cafes, hotels, airports, schools and universities. The Internet provider gets a complete real-time accounting of each customer’s time spent on the network, data amount sent, received and more.

  • User accounting by time, data transferred/received
  • Bandwidth shaping
  • Quota (session-timeout, downloaded/uploaded traffic limit)
  • DHCP server assigned IP addresses
  • Radius Accounting
  • Real-time user status information
User Management System

MikroTik provides complete solution for hotel hotspot/pppoe user management.

  • Printing out HotSpot user vouchers
  • Accounting the usage time since the first log in
  • Suited for any small or medium size hotel
  • Real-time user status information