Quad Play Solutions

Televes cost-effective quad play solutions over optical fibre


There is an increasing need for designing high-speed broadband networks to accommodate usage of vanguard services that demand extensive bandwidth, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Cities, Telecare, Over the Top TV (OTT), Ultra High Definition, and others. When the demand for broadband access is so high, only an network architecture based on fibre optics can guarantee the required quality of service. Televes presents FibreData solutions to small cable operator and ISPs. FibreData is the comprehensive range of equipment that allow the implementation and commercialization of services over a passive optical network (PON).

Televes’ FibreData range not only provides high-speed broadband, but also allows the management of Triple or Quad Play services so as to offer tailor-made service packages adapted to the customers needs.