Hospitality Solution

Teleste’s hospitality solution provides innovative and lucrative technologies that enable the delivery of cutting-edge TV and media experiences across the hospitality industry. The solution contains the perfect building blocks for video and data delivery without compromising the quality or ease of usage.

The common expectation for every paying user in the hospitality industry today is to receive fast and reliable high-speed Internet connection and HDTV. Guests/Residents are not patient and want quick and easy-to-use technology solutions, similar to or better that they receive at home. The typical in-room entertainment that is found in most hospitality buildings today rarely offers the high-speed connection needed for the user’s personal devices such as smart phones, laptops and tablets.

Today’s discerning user is looking for entertainment systems equal or better than what they enjoy at home – hospitality providers are looking for ways capitalise on guests and residents expectation by delivering on-screen marketing, value added services, gaming, and local video content for events and conferences direct to the consumer. Together these services can provide significant increases in both revenue and guest satisfaction.