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Once you know the facts about WiFiTel solutions, it’s difficult to choose anything else. Whether you are a WiFi Installer, a systems manager, an accountant or you just want to provide a better WiFi service to your guests, the facts stack up in favour of choosing WiFiTel over any other WiFi solution for hospitality or healthcare.

Radio network designs always work better with multiple points spread out over small cells, each with fewer users, than a single point covering a large cell with lots of users. There are lots of technical reasons for it, but really it’s just common sense

That means that a WiFi Access Point in each room is always going to be better than a few APs covering multiple rooms. That’s not a point of view, it’s a fact.

Connecting WiFi over coaxial cable is the obvious choice for technical and practical reasons, and WiFiTel networks are faster, more rugged and lower maintenance than the standard Ethernet cabled networks we are used to.

Our WiFi over coaxial cable solution also keeps the accountants happy. WiFiTel Access Points are low cost, and the savings made in labour and installation costs are massive. Even ongoing costs are reduced with WiFiTel.

Whether your priorities in choosing a new WiFi solution for your hotel or hospital are performance, reliability or price; WiFiTel has it covered.