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The WiFi Virtual Concierge is the next generation of WiFi hotspot captive portal with a highly flexible architecture that can be integrated into any type of WiFi system.

When clients log on to your public WiFi system, the WiFi Virtual Concierge offers them a range of information and options, even before they reach any login or authentication barriers.

Guests connect to your hotel, book services, make orders and reservations, look for local information… and all from the comfort of their phone, tablet or laptop.

Under the hood, the WiFi Virtual Concierge is driven by an intuitive interface with a powerful content management system making designing pages a breeze and conveying your brand just the way you want to.

The WiFi Virtual Concierge offers three levels of control, allowing Group, Divisional or Local control of content sections and allowing groups styles and branding consistency.

Detailed reporting and statistics allow for fine grained analysis, A/B testing and graphing.

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