Mobile and fixed broadband network operators, ISPs and other non-telco businesses (enterprises, utilities, Industrial and governmental organizations), are today in need of cost-effective and future-proof high-capacity transport systems that are easy to deploy and operate.

Mobile broadband networks are undergoing a continuous transformation in terms of technology and architecture. Network capacity and density increase dramatically, while different architectural RAN options, such as Centralised RAN, emerge as a means of increasing the network co-ordination and efficiency. Mobile Broadband network operators need to cope with higher capacity, multi-technology (GSM, HSPA+, LTE, LTE-A, etc.) Base Stations deployed in the ever-increasing density macro-cell layer and in the near future, in an ultra-dense small-cell layer.

Heterogeneous Network (HetNet) backhaul in the cities will consist of a large number of short and medium-range links having capacity of a few hundred Mbit/s and in the medium term exceeding in many cases 1 Gbit/s. Cascading three or more sites, or combining them in a ring, will yield traffic capacities of several Gbit/s.

UltraLink™-FX80 is a compact, all-outdoor multi-Gigabit Ethernet PtP radio platform, operating in the entire bandwidth-rich E-Band area of the spectrum (71-76 GHz and 81-86 GHz). Exploiting an advanced and highly-integrated design, rich Carrier Ethernet networking features and the truly-wideband channels available in the E-Band, UltraLink™-FX80 ideally satisfies the service requirements for relatively short-to-medium range, high-capacity connectivity applications, while achieving the lowest TCO with respect to traditional microwave (MW) – or even wireline – technologies.

Typical applications for UltraLink™-FX80 include backhaul, midhaul, fronthaul and aggregation in dense urban areas, xDSL backhaul, university campus LANs, construction site, shipping port area communications systems, storage connection backup, Wi-Fi hotspot backhaul and fiber backup links to name a few.

When combined with traditional MW systems, UltraLink™-FX80 offers significant benefits to 3G/4G/4G+ wireless backhaul networks in terms of enhanced and future-proof performance. UltraLink™-FX80 can leverage Intracom Telecom’s OmniBAS™ MW packet radio line (comprising flexible aggregation IDUs) in combined deployments, particularly in dense urban areas. uni|MS™ feature-rich and all-in-one management suite provides the operator with a unified, single-view management screen that greatly simplifies network OAM. uni|MS™ offers add-on modules for SON automation functionality, enabling zero-touch configuration and optimization capabilities.


  • Up to 3 Gbit/s throughput, QoS and packet synchronization capabilities that satisfy the most demanding 4G transport requirements.
  • Highest versatility and small form-factor for macro / micro / small-cell backhaul, C-RAN fronthaul and all types of transport applications.
  • Support of native transport of Ethernet or CPRI traffic in one unit.
  • Unique direct AC powering option (without external devices) simplifies deployment at street locations where DC power is unavailable.
  • Operation in low-licensing cost spectrum.

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