EAP series

Business Wi-Fi Solution

“Wi-Fi is air” is a statement that embodies our belief that strong, stable wireless connections are of critical importance to customers in the modern world. In many industries, especially those revolving around hospitality, the ability to offer convenient connections can have a significant impact on overall customer satisfaction and ratings. Now, TP-LINK’s EAP Series Business Wi-Fi Solution allows businesses build the reliable, cost-effective wireless networks that drive progress and keep customers happy.

The EAP Series Business Wi-Fi Solution incorporates EAP Series hardware, which provides a smooth, reliable wireless internet experience, and a powerful centralized management platform. The EAP Controller Software can effectively manage an entire business Wi-Fi network without requiring specialized training or a large technical staff.

Better Wi-Fi Performance, Better Hotel Experience

With industry-leading hardware design and enterprise-grade processors, EAP Series APs are capable of providing an unsurpassed Wi-Fi experience for your customers. Deploying EAP Series APs ensures that all of your guests can enjoy high-speed Wi-Fi in any part of the hotel, including the swimming pool, the fitness center, the dining area, the spa, and each individual guest room.

A Powerful, Cost-Effective Wi-Fi Management Platform

TP-LINK’s free EAP Controller Software makes it easy for administrators to simultaneously manage hundreds of EAPs from any PC on the network. This control even extends to APs that are located in different branches and cities, allowing them to be managed via an Internet connection.

Easy-Mount Design & PoE Support – Quick, Flexible Deployment

The EAP’s easy mounting design with chassis makes it easy to be integrated seamlessly into any wall or ceiling surface, and also EAP series APs support Power over Ethernet (PoE) to make deployment effortless and flexible. With the EAP’s “ceiling lamp” appearance, EAPs can blend in with most interior decorations without influencing the original beautiful Interior design.