Samsung LYNK® SINC

This specialized solution for Samsung SMART hotel TVs provides remote management of interactive TV content to deliver customized viewing options to hundreds of guest rooms, while streamlining installation and maintenance.

Create an In-Room Experience with an At-Home Feel

Control content effectively with Samsung LYNK SINC for Samsung SMART Hospitality TVs. It enables remote management of a hospitality property’s TV network from one central location, so hotel property managers or technicians can easily provide popular applications and premium content individualized to guests’ needs and expectations, and customized for each guest room or group of rooms.

Enhance the Guest Experience

Using services enabled by LYNK SINC, hotel guests can enjoy a luxurious, entertaining stay with enhanced content based on their individual needs. For example, TVs in conventioneers’ rooms can display a custom user interface (UI) and menu specific to the convention, while displaying a seamless view of the property’s brand. Event locations, meeting alerts and entertainment options catering to a topic of interest can be set up with little time or effort. As well, tourist data, available discounts, local event information and more can be displayed for swift access by guests.

Easily Select and Manage Viewing Content

Update multiple room TVs with just one click to reduce the costs associated with the laborious room-by-room trips that are required for typical TV management. Working with an existing property management system (PMS) and Samsung SMART Hospitality TVs, the functions needed to enable premium interactive services and remote TV controls are integrated with the television units. These built-in functions eliminate the need to install and maintain external Set-Top Boxes (STBs).

Control In-Room TVs from One Location

Offer guests High Defintion (HD) content and popular applications with the touch of a button. The LYNK SINC Remote Control menu simplifies the monitoring, management and control of a property’s TV network. Various tasks can be performed on individual TVs or groups of TVs, including power on, power off, volume control and firmware updates. Multiple tasks can also be set up to run together to save time and improve customer service.

Provide Access to Frequently Used Applications

Incorporated with LYNK SINC, Samsung Smart Hub enables guests to use internet applications on their room TVs the same way they use them on other devices, such as smartphones, tablets and desktops. Entertainment packages and High Definition (HD) content can provide an in-room experience with an at-home feel. Property managers can also download only the widgets they want to include with their in-room entertainment experiences onto the SINC server, so that Hospitality TVs do not need to be connected to the internet for widget installation.